Dragon Family

King of young bird racing

Because Henk is always on the lookout for reinforcement of his breeding centre,
he stepped into his car and travelled to Berlaar in Belgium, where he bought 40
pigeons from young bird specialist Stefaan Lambrechts. His reasoning was not
only based on the excellent achievements of Stefaan himself, but certainly also on
the long list of references which indicate that Stefaan’s pigeons easily propagate
their qualities and demonstrate them in other lofts.

As dominant as Leo Heremans was in short distance races at the
end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first century, in
more recent years, Stefaan Lambrechts has been equally dominant
with his youngters. In 2010 he already had the 6th National Ace
Pigeon Short Distance Young Birds KBDB with his BE10-6291347.
10/347 was born from the pairing of VELE BART BE08-6064501
(direct Bart Henderickx, Berlaar) with VEEL NOYON BE08-6156468.
They also became parents of 1st Angerville 1.474 b., 2nd Provincial
Orleans 4.262 b., 2nd Nijvel 2.303 b., 4th NPO Pommereoul 5.279
b., and 6th NPO Mantes la Jolie 5.965 b. From a son of this pair,
Henk and Nicole de Weerd bred their JAN BE15-6100701.
In 2013, Stefaan ranked for a second time in the National Ace
Pigeons, and this time he earned the 2nd National Ace Pigeon
Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB with the blue hen
BE13-6151188. Her father is direct Dirk van den Bulck from grandson
OLYMPIADE (Leo Heremans/Gust Jansen) x a daughter of his
top breeding pair (Brother GOEDE RODE 08/992 x 40000 hen).
Mother of the 2nd National Ace Pigeon is daughter KLEINE DIRK
of Dirk van den Bulck and a full sister of top racer USAIN of Hans
and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. Two brothers of the 2nd National Ace
Pigeon have meanwhile developed into excellent breeders at Pouw-
Willems (Utrecht, the Netherlands) and Michaël Smoorenburg
(Arnhem, the Netherlands), where they fathered a.o. 1st Troyes
1.061 b., 2nd Soissons 4.658 b., 6th Pommereoul 2.000 b.,
12th Duffel 5.614 b., 17th Meaux 3.332 b. and 17th Asse-Zellik
2.719 b.

Stefaan reached the pinnacle of his young career as fancier in 2015. He outclassed the
competition with three Ace Pigeons in the National Championship Short Middle Distance
Young Birds KBDB. The three ace pigeons, named LINCIA, AURE EN YNTHA came 1st,
9th, and 14th respectively.

BE15-6108145 LINCIA 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2015
1st Souppes 1.243 b.
2nd Souppes 2.391 b.
2nd Souppes 2.031 b.
3rd Souppes 1.348 b.
5th Quievrain 893 b.
7th Souppes 1.185 b.
This super pigeon, with the lowest coefficient ever for the national Ace Pigeon Championship
Short Middle Distance Y.B., was bred from BROER STEFAAN with ring number BE13-
6304428 and full brother of top racer STEFAAN of Willem de Bruijn (direct Stefan Lambrechts).
BE11/6167138 is the mother of LINCIA, a grandchild of the basic pair of Dirk van
den Bulck (Brother GOEDE RODE 08/992 and 40000 hen) and already mother of ESTHER,
2nd Ace pigeon Middle Distance Department 8 in 2014 for the Eijerkamp family.
The Lambrechts pigeons soon proved their worth at the Dr. De Weerd Pigeons breeding
centre. JAN, with ring number BE15-6100701, grandchild of top pair VELE BART and
VEEL NOYON, raced in the loft of Nicole de Weerd a.o.: 1st Souppes 1.185 b., 1st Gien
499 b., 4th Souppes 471 b., 4th Quievrain 173 b., 10th Noyon 526 b., 14th Quievrain 418
b., and 15th Noyon 342 b. With these accomplishments JAN became 15th National Ace
Pigeon Short Middle Distance Y.B. KDBD 2015. Also the BE15-6100709, bred from sister
OLYMPIC BOLT, did not remain unremarked and raced a.o. 1st Souppes 1.055 b.,
3rd Noyon 459 b. and 5th Noyon 526 b.