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Welcome to the website of Interpalomas Lofts, the breeding centre of dr. Henk de Weerd. Here you can find the latest news, as well as the history of the company. Under “Breeding Centre” you can view our finest pigeons and their results. Since 1972, Dr. de Weerd has specialised himself in the medical requirements and complete guidance of the owners and trainers of racing pigeons. Eight specialists are employed at his clinic in Breda. Every day pigeon fanciers from around the world are advised by telephone, fax or e-mail and their many problems solved.



Many famous fanciers consult Dr. de Weerd at his clinic about therapies, prevention of diseases, techniques in the sport, loft construction and design, breeding programmes, advice on feeding, maintenance of top condition etc. Over 50.000 regular customers place their trust in the professional skill and the know-how of “Pigeonclinic Breda”. As a young boy Dr. de Weerd visited many top lofts in Belgium and Holland with his famous father Piet de Weerd. Subsequently they visited Germany, the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Polen, Spain, Portugal, Japan, China, etc. Thousands of fanciers have attended the lectures given by Piet de Weerd and his son Dr. de Weerd on topics such as selection and pigeon diseases.

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Another great reference from the past weekend.
In the north of the Netherlands mister G. Wilting won 1st prize against 8.183 birds from the race from Reims which is 429km straight to the loft.
The mother of this victorious bird is the NL16-004 is an original from the Dr. de Weerd breeding station. She is bred from a son of top pair “Bourges Raket”, 3rd Nat Bourges 31.428 b. x “Miss Gueret”, 1st Nat Gueret 10.523b. On mothers side she originates from “Jong Bella” who is a full sister of olympic ace “Bella” raced by J&J Baeck.
We would like to congratulate mister Wilting and we hope he keeps on winning.
If you are also keen om winning, we now have a small selection of talented breeders for sale on our website :

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4 days ago

DR de Weerd pigeons - Interpalomas Lofts B.V.

Now online a new selection of 6 exclusive pigeons all ready to breed from and bred from the best lines present on our breeding centre.

The international breeding centre Dr. de Weerd Pigeons offers a selection of talented stock pigeons bred directly from the top-pairs.

At the breeding centre Dr. de Weerd Pigeons you’ll find stock pigeons of the highest quality standard.
Strictly selected on their genetic capabilities and body construction by Drs. Henk de Weerd. Already at a young age Henk was introduced with super quality pigeons through his father, the legendary Piet de Weerd. Henk himself developed a kind of feeling for these top pigeons and still applies this feeling as well as the knowledge and skills he learned from his father in the selection of the pigeons at the breeding centre Dr. de Weerd Pigeons.

The foundation of the current stock was set with the purchase of the proven super-producer “Dragon Rocket” from Embregts-Theunis. In addition to “Dragon Rocket” Henk searched and found suitable partners for this super-producer. Shortly after Henk purchased the super preforming pigeons “Miss Gueret”, 1st National Gueret 10.523p., “Miss La Souterraine”, 1st National La Souterraine 4.331p.,”Bourgses Star”, 4th National Bourges 26.984p. Together with the children of the very best pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, Leo Heremans, Gaston vd Wouwer and Stefaan Lambrechts they form the foundation for Dr. de Weerd Pigeons.

For the heavy marathon races Dr. de Weerd pigeons still trusts on the offspring of the legendary marathon icons as “Oude Kruk”, “Sherpa Tensing”, “Samurai”, “Buffel” and more. To create an extra impulse to the marathon colony, Henk purchased the “Olympic Marathon Queen” in 2011. This marvelous super-racer is without a doubt one of the very best marathon racers in the history of pigeon racing sports.

Now Dr. de Weerd Pigeons offers a small selection of talented pigeons for a fixed price at our own website. The offered pigeons are all bred directly out of the heart of the breeding centre. The following weeks we will regularly offer small selections of pigeons on our website so keep watching

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We would like to congratulate 2 of our satellite lofts both winning 1st in the region.

On the race from Peronne with high velocities Bart Ooyen was victorious against 4.161 birds. Also in the province against 40.149 birds the 14-309 from Bart Ooyen won a top notation with the 12th place.

The 14-309 is was bred from “Jantje”, an original from the Dr. de Weerd Pigeons breeding station. She is an inbred to the phenomenal breeder “Roxie” (gr) dam to many top-racers and breeders.

The sire of the 14-309 is a pure bred Kees Bosua cock bred by Bart Ooyen himself.

One week later on the race from Pont St. Maxence with totally different conditions (warm weather and a strong head wind) the “Rickie 530” from Jan van Wanrooij won the 1st prize against 4.781 birds.

The winner “Rickie 530” is no one hit wonder as he already won 5th NPO Fontenay against 9.425 birds and 13th Pont St Maxence against 2.354 birds as a youngster.

“Rickie 530” is an original from Dr. de Weerd Pigeons breeding station and bred from 2 original Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons and is a granddaughter to “Miss Angerville”

The season 2018 barely started and already great references for the Dr. de Weerd Pigeons breeding station.

For more info: www.drdeweerdpigeons.com
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History family de Weerd

Henk de Weerd
Since 1972 Dr. Henk de Weerd has specialised himself in the medical and sports-technical guidance of racing pigeons. To answer the many questions about the sport, particularly with regard to modern and responsible medical supervision, a team of specialists is employed in his clinic in Breda. henk de weerd Many famous fanciers from home and abroad privately seek consultations with veterinary surgeon de Weerd at his clinic about a vast amount of pigeon related subjects including therapies and the prevention of diseases also the techniques in the sport, loft construction and design plus advice on feeding and breeding programs. Veterinary-technical advice to get pigeons in top condition also form an important part of loft practice management. Figures reveal that over 100,000 fanciers worldwide rely on the expertise and know-how of Pigeon Clinic Breda. As a young boy Dr. De Weerd visited many top lofts in Belgium and Holland with his famous father Piet de Weerd. Subsequently they visited Germany, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico,Thailand, U.K., Taiwan, China, Japan, Spain, Portugal, etc. In most cases, these trips were attended by the lectures given by Piet and Dr. Henk de Weerd on topics such as selection and the most common pigeon diseases. All Belgica De Weerd products are developed after our research in Breda and are produced according to GMP standards. Our veterinary products are registered and licensed in Europe. Only after a long test period by top players, the products were introduced on the market. Of course, all products are doping free. Belgica De Weerd products are successfully used in over 25 countries. In the Netherlands more than 70% of the top players use the success program of Belgica De Weerd. Meanwhile there is also a Belgica De Weerd pigeon clinic in Colchester (Essex) and recently a new Belgica De Weerd pigeon clinic in Beijing has been opened, next to the Olympic Stadium!

Piet de Weerd
During a period of over 60 years, Piet de Weerd achieved worldwide acknowledgement due to his manner in selecting and pairing the best and most valuable pigeons in the world. His name is known in the furthest corners of the globe and many fanciers read his articles and books which are written in his own down-to-earth characteristic manner and have become standard works of the sport.

Fascinating, informative and above all objectively, he let the reader become acquainted with the greats of the international pigeon sport and he tried to share his vision on the conditions that a good pigeon would have to meet to anyone who wanted. He received invitations from all over the world to share his knowledge with international fanciers during personal visits.

Piet de Weerd traveled dozens of times across the Atlantic to the United States and Mexico, but also South Africa and the Far East were visited several times which makes this eminence grise of the Dutch pigeon sport emerged as the world’s best specialist field of selection and breeding.

Aarden strain
He established conclusive proof of his unequalled mastery directly after World War II during the period that Jan Aarden tried to build up an iron strain for the toughest overnight races and that he had succeeded in his plans was due to Piet de Weerd. The absolute mother of the Aarden strain, the ‘Oomen hen’ (H45-907764) by Jan Aarden also called the “Delbar hen”, was in fact a gift from Piet de Weerd to Jan Aarden during one of his many visits he made to Aarden in Steenbergen  during that period.

The ‘500’ Van Agtmaal descended from her litter sister 45-907765 which was donated  by Piet de Weerd to Suus van den Berg in Steenbergen. Several times he brought one or more pigeons which were crossed with the stockbirds present in the lofts Aarden on his advice.

So we may say he is the architect of the Aarden strain. Purchases and pairings of top pigeons which took the name de Weerd in the international pigeon sport at the highest plan, included: the purchase of the “Wondervoske” from the Janssen Brothers for the combination of Oomens-Tuijn; the pairing of the “Franck” (44-306686) to ‘Heroine’ (47-1008650) on the loft of George Fabry in Liège, from which the ‘Porthos’ and ‘Favori’ were born, two cocks that gave the name Fabry worldwide recognition.
Also the purchase of the “Piet” (strain Meulemans)  which was transferred to Raymund Hermes in Germany was a bullseye and in South Africa, fanciers are to this day talking about the incredible breeding results of the “Stallion Jan Aarden”, a pigeon which was bred by Piet de Weerd.

The inimitable way Piet used a few ‘Albert Van Cauwenbergh’ pigeons contributed to the deserved glory of this great master in the sport.
The famous ‘Didi’-line of Van de Broucke-De Weerd also was the result of many years of selection and inbreeding by Piet de Weerd.
Didi was in 1989 the National Ace pigeon Long Distance in Belgium with an incredibly low coefficient and its descendant ‘Kleine Didi’ from Etienne Devos was, if possible, even more famous.

Furthermore, the base at Kipp und Söhne consisted of six pigeons from Piet de Weerd. The three National Ace Pigeons Fond (Long Distance) in 2000 from Werner Bölting (D) were all 50% Piet and Henk de Weerd pigeons (Old Cruco and Buffalo-line).