Please inform us if you have achieved a top result with a pigeon or its descendants from the Dr. De Weerd Pigeons breeding centre

Own reference



BE5121369-18 (grandson Argenton Star)
7/9/19: Chimay (Midden Limburg; 106km): 1°/232 old pigeons
14/9/19: Momignies (Federaal Spel, 115km): 1°/ 600 pigeons

Ian & Peter Vreys


On the hard race from Chimay Bart Ooyen excelled with a hattrick in region B Drechtsteden. In region B Drechtstreden in which Bart competes against national stars Kees Bosua and Peter vd Merwe, Bart scored a true hattrick winning 1,2 and 3rd against 741 birds. The 1st and 3rd place were won with pigeons that were bred by the breeding centre Dr. de Weerd pigeons. In 2017 so far there have already been 3 region victories with originals from Dr. de Weerd pigeons breeding centre.
The 1st prize winner the “15-008”, is certainly no one hit wonder, in his still young career he already won: 1. Chimay 741b., 8. Asse Zelik 1.171b., 15. Quievrain 2.395b., 34. Fontenay 1.171b., 41. Arras 3.717b. and so on. The “15-008” is bred from daughter “Argenton Star”, 2nd Nat Argenton and “Miss la Souterraine”, 1st Nat La Souterraine x full brother of the “Nieuwe Olympiade”.
The 3rd prize winner “16-031”, is bred from our Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons crossed with a halfsister to the renowned “Worldace”.


Another reference from Jan van Wanrooy  On the race from Melun 360km Jan performed great! Even with the great disadvantage having the shortest distance with a strong tail wind the “Little Bliksem” was victorious.
In the club against 591 pigeons Jan won the following prizes: 1,3,7,14,19,27,35,44,46,47 and so on. In the region against 3.880 pigeons the result was: 1,56,99,151,233,298 and so on. The winner of the race “Little Bliksem” is a perfect example of the strategy Dr. de Weerd Pigeons uses in breeding. All 4 of her grandparents are proven top performers or breeders. “Little Bliksem” is a granddaughter to “Jonge Bliksem”, “Houben 604”, “Bourges Raket” and “Little Lea”, 4 times top!!!

Although the season 2017 is just 1 week old we can already publish the first reference of 2017.
Jan van Wanrooy made as astonishing result on the first race of the season from Quievrain. Against 659 pigeons in the club he won 1,2,3,4th prize In the region Union de Baronie, his result was even better winning 1,7,8,12th against 4.048 pigeons.
His “Feloogje 514” which is bred from 2 original Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons at our breeding station also was the fastest against 18.102 pigeons.