Dr. de Weerd Pigeons

Just like his father Piet, Henk is not only a great aficionado, but also collector of top pigeons. The collection made its mark on the Dr. de Weerd Pigeons Breeding Centre (formerly Interpalomas Lofts) where pigeons from a select number of top fanciers and national winners, ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons, are assembled.

The current base for the breeding centre was created with the acquisition of super breeding cock DRAGON ROCKET and a number of his relatives in the sales of Embregts-Theunis and André Smits.
Afterwards youngsters from all the top birds of Gaby Vandenabeele, Leo Heremans, Gaston van de Wouwer and Stefaan Lambrechts were acquired. This base was supplemented with top racing pigeons from proven lineages such as Miss Gueret of Laevens- Vervaeke (1st National Gueret 10.523 b.), La Souterraine Queen of René & Patrick Draye (1st National La Souterraine 4.660 b.), Miss La Souterraine of Stefan Steenbergen (1st National La Souterraine 4.331 b.), Miss Vierzon of Eddy Belmans (1st Interprovincial Vierzon 10.587 b.), Argenton Star of Verreckt-Ariën (2nd National Argenton 5.084 b.) and Bourges Star of Kris Cleirbaut (4th National Bourges 26.984 b.). Offspring of these pigeons have meanwhile amply proved their class, not only at the lofts of Nicole de Weerd in Brasschaat (in 2016 2nd National Champion Great Middle Yearlings KBDB) and Jan van Wanrooij in Breda (in 2016 once more successful as 6th Champion Middle Distance R3 Afd. 2 Brabant 2000), but also in numerous one loft races and with fanciers all over the world.

For the marathon races, Henk still relies on the amazing offspring of OUDE KRUK, also supplemented with top racers such as the OLYMPIC MARATHON QUEEN, 1st Olympiad Pigeon Marathon Nitra 2011, and of course children of top pigeons from satellite loft Kurvers-de Weerd. The rich inheritance of excellent breeding material of Piet de Weerd, further enriched by the new purchases of Henk, proves its unique qualities to this day with top results all over the world. In 2016 once more 2 international victories were achieved with descendants of De Weerd pigeons; 1st International Barcelona against 17.732 pigeons and 1st International St. Vincent against 10.647 pigeons.

Piet de Weerd

He was a living legend, and in 2017 his name still evokes a great deal of
respect in pigeon fancier circles.

Like Father, Like Son

At a very young age, Henk de Weerd accompanied his father Piet on visits
top fanciers all over the world…

Like Father, Like Daughter

Blood is thicker than water. After first building an independent and
successful career in banking…