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The inheritance of the ‘Oude Kruk’

The foundation for the marathon pigeons at the breeding centre was laid with OUDE
KRUK, a 100% Aarden cock from Gerard v/d Kruk (Lepelstraat, NL), which is not
surprising, given the enormous contribution Piet made to the creation of Jan Aarden
strain. OUDE KRUK, with ring number NL80-8016163, developed into an exceptional
breeder. He is the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of no less than six
national winners, and several national ace pigeons.

An excellent move was made by Piet and Henk de Weerd, when they purchased SHERPA
TENSING with ring number NL83-865526, which made Van Noordenne and Son in
Hardinxveld-Giessendam world famous in 1986 by winning 1st National Barcelona and 60th
National St. Vincent. This cock, bred by Wim van Leeuwen from the best lineages of Jan
Aarden and the Kuypers Brothers, turned out to be a super breeder, that became father
and grandfather of three national winners, and ten national top-5 rankings. Without any
doubt, the BUFFEL with ring number NL89-1479431, is the best breeding son of SHERPA
TENSING. The BUFFEL was bred by Piet and Henk from SHERPA TENSING x BONTE
KOE, and is a 100% Aarden pigeon, that became father and grandfather of 1st International
Perpignan hens., 1st National Dax, 2nd National Dax, 3rd National Perpignan, 3rd National
Perpignan, 4th National Barcelona, 4th National Narbonne, 5th National Dax, 5th National
San Sebastian, and many more.

Pedigree Blauwe Henk

“Blauwe Henk” NL05-1491476  ♂

Top breeder, father to a.o.:

‘El Campio Barca’, BE10-4140140
(Geert de Coninck)
1st International Ace pigeon Barcelona 2013-2015
32nd National Barcelona 7.791 b.
115th National Barcelona 8.764 b.
297th National Barcelona 10.542 b.

‘Silke’, BE08-4152539 (Geert de Coninck)
28th National Soustons 9.442 b.

‘Pink Lady’, BE08-4152545 (Geert de Coninck)
33th National Soustons 9.442 b.
146th National Barcelona 12.170 b.

‘Victoria’, BE10-4140154 (Geert de Coninck)
169th National Barcelona 10.542 b.

‘Dempsey’, BE10-4140119 (Geert de Coninck)
37th National Narbonne 6.583 b.
317th National Perpignan 5.613 b.

‘Niki’, BE10-4140160 (Geert de Coninck)
37th National Narbonne 5.215 b.
113th National Barcelona 7.791 b.

SIRE: ‘Blue Magix’ NL01-1997108
Grandson ‘Buffel’ NL89-1479431
Grandson ‘Oude Kruk’ x ‘Jacky’

DAM: ‘Blauwke 657’ NL1568657
Daughter ‘Baron’ NL92-1356116, father 3rd Nat.
Ace Pigeon Long Distance Germany 2000 (W. Bölting)
Granddaughter ‘Oude Kruk’
Granddaughter ‘Dorus’, 5th Nat. Barcelona 1987

Olympic Marathon Queen – NL 08-3828610  ♀

(direct G. v/d Matten)

Olympiad Pigeon Marathon Poznan 2011
7th Nat. Bordeaux 18.023 b.
7th Nat. Cahors 13.185 b.
22nd Nat. Bordeaux 13.242 b.
45th Nat. Montauban 18.668 b.
113rd Nat. Bergerac 4.884 b.

SIRE: ‘Father Olympic Marathon Queen’
Grandson base breeder ‘Klamper’
(Cor de Heijde)
Grandson ‘Mr Bergerac’, 1st NPO Bergerac
7.423 b. (Cor de Heijde)
Grandson ‘Geja’, 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Fondspiegel
2000-2004 (Cor de Heijde)

DAM: ‘Mother Olympic Marathon Queen’
Great-granddaughter ‘Sahib’

Olympic marathon Queen

Pedigree Olympic Marathon Queen

Ace Buffel

Pedigree Ace Buffel

“Ace Buffel” NL07-1459525 ♂

(direct A. Janssen)

5th NU Perigueux 7.306 b.
9th NPO Bergerac 3.470 b.
14th NPO Orange 2.110 b.
15th NPO Bergerac 4.187 b.
20th NPO Cahors 6.542 b.
36th NPO Perigueux 3.929 b.
49th NPO St. Vincent 4.201 b.
55th NPO Orange 4.689 b.
78th NPO Brive  3.011 b.



“Miss Cahors” NL07-3736589  ♀

(direct Andre Smits)
5th NPO Cahors 3.939 b.
14th NPO Bergerac 3.363 b.
20th NPO Bergerac 4.096 b.
50th NPO Bordeaux 6.162 b.
63rd NPO Dax 3.600 b.
85th NPO Dax 2.418 b.
96th NPO Cahors 4.264 b.

Sister to a.o.:
13rd NPO Dax 3.600 b.
22nd NPO St. Vincent 3.236 b.
23th NPO Tarbes 3.180 b.
28th NPO Tarbes 2.198 b.
95th NPO Montauban 6.304 b.

SIRE: ‘Blauwe’ NL05-0536801 (direct Hemert Brothers)
Grandson 5th National Barcelona (Ad Kuijpers)
Father to three top pigeons,
‘Miss Cahors’, ‘Blue Dax’ en ‘St. Vincent’

DAM: ‘Blauw Witpen’ NL05-1491229 (direct Comb. Guns)
Mother to three top pigeons, ‘Miss Cahors’, ‘Blue Dax’ and ‘St. Vincent’

Miss Cahors

“Leike 846″ NL06-1474846 ♀

(direct Kurvers-de Weerd)

Daughter ‘Perpignan King’
1st International Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2002
3rd Nat. Perpignan 7.083 b.
21st Nat. Pau 2.792 b.
30th Nat. Dax 4.108 b.
34th Nat. Perpignan 7.195 b.
78th Nat. Perpignan 5.479 b.
109th Nat. Perpignan 6.857 b.
120th Nat. Pau 2.493 b.
251st Nat. Pau 2.772 b.
253rd Nat. Marseille 7.459 b.
256th Nat. Marseille 5.739 b.

SIRE: ’Perpignan King’ NL96-1201845
1st International Ace pigeon Long Distance 2002
3rd Nat. Perpignan 7.083 b.
21st Nat. Pau 2.792 b.
30th Nat. Dax 4.108 b.
34th Nat. Perpignan 7.195 b.
78th Nat. Perpignan 5.479 b.
Son top breeding pair ‘090’ x ‘Bax duivin’

DAM: ‘Mother Dubai Queen’ NL01-2332469
Mother ‘Dubai Queen’,
5th Nat. Marseille 3.679 b.
54th Nat. Pau 2.413 b.
76th Nat. Perpignan  6.300 b.
Daughter top breeder ‘Blauwe Vanoppen’
(H. Wijnands & Son)