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The golden strain of the ‘Kaasboer’

Super breeding cocks, cocks that are able to produce several generations of good
pigeons with different hens, are as rare as white ravens. Gaston van de Wouwer, from
Berlaar in Belgium, had the luck to acquire such a “white raven” from the late Jozef
Goovaerts (Berlaar, Belgium). BE98-6335690 was named after the profession of his
breeder and is now known around the world as KAASBOER (Cheesemonger), a cock
that produced excellent results in the lofts of Gaston himself, but also a long list of top
references on a national and international level.

A small selection of accomplishments by Gaston van de Wouwer in recent years is
impressive: 1st National Champion Long Distance Young Birds KBDB, two national
victories (Gueret and Bourges), two zonal wins (Poitiers and Argenton), 1st Semi-National
Vierzon, six provincial victories (Bourges, Salbris, Argenton, Blois, Vierzon and Montluçon),
1st Provincial Champion Young Birds KBDB Antwerp, 6th National Champion Long
Distance Young Birds KBDB, and 8th National Champion Young Birds KBDB.

Good performance in ones own loft do not suffice for Henk de Weerd to acquire pigeons for
his breeding centre. References are also incredibly important, as these indicate the strength
of genetics in a strain of pigeons. There is no lack of these at Gaston van de Wouwer, as can
be seen in the following selection from a long list of top references from lofts where descendants
of the KAASBOER are sensational performers:


Bourges Raket

Pedigree Bourges Raket

“Bourges Raket” BE07-6033153 ♂

3rd National Bourges 31.428 b.

Father ‘Erins Tuition’,
1st Hot Spot Car Race SAMDPR 3.856 b. + car

Grandfather ‘Groovy’,
1st Hot Spot Car Race SAMDPR 3.878 b. + car

Grandfather 16/174,
6th Final Race FCI One Loft Race Sofia 754 b.

Grandfather 16/127, 22nd Mantes La Jolie 793 b.,
33rd Clermont 857 b., 42nd Clermont 813 b.,
50th Arras 1.096 b. and 64th Peronne 864 b.
in Belgian Master 2016

Grandfather ‘Gouden Crackske’ NL14-3418674:
1st NPO Orleans 4.535 b.
1st St. Quentin 833 b.
3th Morlincourt 521 b.
4th Nanteuil 1.531 b.
5th Quievrain 580 b.
5th NPO Nanteuil 7.620 b.
6th Creil 1.567 b.
Grandfather BE15-6100783 (Nicole de Weerd)
4th Prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance Youngsters
KBDB Antwerp ‘15
Co-winner 2nd Nat. Champion Great Middle
Distance Yrls. KBDB 2016
25th Nat. Argenton 18.363 b.
39th Nat. Argenton 11.223 b.
98th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 8.663 b.
100th Nat. Zone Issoudun 3.582 b.

Grandfather BE15-6100713 (Nicole de Weerd)
21st Nat. Argenton 12.449 b.
265th Nat. Bourges 10.173 b.

‘Blauwe Bourges’ BE02-6183124,
1st Prov. Bourges 3.988 b.
Son top breeder ‘Kaasboer’

DAM: ‘Zomerjongske’ BE03-6108015
Mother ‘Bourges Raket’,
3rd Nat. Bourges 31.428 b.


“Broer Kim” BE10-6031877 ♂

Brother ‘Kim’, 1st Nat. Gueret 14.245 b.

Grandson ‘Kaasboer’ BE98-6335690

Father to a.o.:
2nd Quievrain 181 b.
7th Souppes sur Loing 257 b.
8th Bourges 124 b.
9th Quievrain 418 b.

SIRE: ‘Den 240’ BE03-6257240
DAM: ‘Mother Kim’ BE06-6034734

‘Den 240’ x ‘06/734’ are parents to a.o.:
‘Kim’ BE09-6111514
1st Nat. Gueret 14.245 b.
4th Prov. Salbris 1.080 b.
26th Reg. Dourdan 1.161 b.
38th Nat. Argenton 23.900 b.
63rd Reg. Dourdan 804 b.
87th Nat. Bourges 37.357 b.

‘Marieke’ BE09-6111546
5th Nat. Limoges 14.211 b.
26th Nat. Bourges 17.138 b.
35th Semi-Nat. Vierzon 11.062 b.
84th Semi-Nat. Vierzon 6.257 b.
88th Nat. La Chatre 15.780 b.

Broer Kim

Pedigree Broer Kim

Broer Laura

Pedigree Broer Laura

“Broer Laura” BE10-6031883 ♂

Brother ‘Laura’, 1st Nat. Bourges 17.138 b.
Brother ‘Serena’, 1st Nat. Zone Poitiers 2.538 b.

Grandson top breeder ‘Kaasboer’ BE98-633569

Father to a.o.:
42nd Nat. Zone Bourges 10.308 b.
44th Souppes sur Loing 1.055 b.
334th Nat. Argenton 11.223 b.

Grandfather to a.o.:
1st Ace Pigeon Schleswig-Holstein Derby 2016
20th Zielona Gora 3.960 b.
26th Nowa Sol 3.932 b.
89th Nowa Sol  3.950 b.

SIRE: ‘Rony’ BE07-6033129
Son ‘Kaasboer’ BE98-6335690

DAM: ‘Erna’ BE08-6259169
Daughter super breeding pair ‘Late Witte Willy’
x ‘Chateaurouxke’ (L.B.J. Geerinckx)

‘Rony’ x ‘Erna’ are parents to a.o.:
‘Laura’ BE09-6111538
1st Nat. Bourges 17.061 b.

‘Serena’ BE12-6023303
1st Nat. Zone Poitiers 2.538 b.

‘Femke’ BE11-6119158
20th Nat. Argenton 22.384 b.
46th Nat. Zone Bourges 3.803 b.
76th Nat. Zone Montluçon 8.766 b.

“Gaston 895” BE10-6031895 ♂

Grandson top breeder ‘Kaasboer’ BE98-6335690

Father 6th Final Race One Loft Race
Kuznica Poland 203 b.

Father 19th Final Race Chang Mai
One Loft Race Thailand 656 b.

SIRE: ‘Marcel 813’ BE09-6249813 (M. & G.

DAM: ‘Zomerjong 699’ BE08-6177699
Daughter ‘Kaasboer’ BE98-6335690
Mother 1st Ace pigeon Union Antwerp 2011

Gaston 895

Pedigree Gaston 895

Pedigree Daughter Salbris

“Daughter Salbris” BE10-6031867 ♀

Daughter ‘Salbris’, 1st Provincial Salbris 1.337 b.

Mother ‘Bliksem Teen 543’
9th Limoges 530 b.
30th NPO 2.640 b.
19th Fontenay 1.844 b.
111th NPO 7.863 b.

Mother 19th Final Race Chang Mai
One Loft Race Thailand 656 b.

SIRE: ‘Zomerjong 701’ BE6385701
Son ‘Kaasboer’ x ‘Grandmother Laura’
Brother ‘Rony’, Father 1st Nat. Bourges,
1st Nat. Zone Poitiers, 20th Nat. Argenton, etc.

DAM: ‘Salbris’ BE07-6033117
1st Provincial Salbris 1.337 b.