Dragon Family


The heirs of the ‘Dragon Rocket’

At the sale of Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) in 2006, Henk de Weerd was able to acquire a super
breeding cock, DRAGON ROCKET, and a number of his relatives, including his best children
and grandchildren. DRAGON ROCKET, with ring number NL99-1057148, was acquired by
Embregts-Theunis as a youngster from Rinus van Gastel in Roosendaal, and is a son of his
ROCKET, the 1st National Ace Pigeon Short Distance WHZB 1999.

In Hoeven, DRAGON ROCKET showed himself to be an absolute top breeding cock and became
sire to a.o.: 1st Creil 15.256 b., 3rd NPO Etampes 11.162 b., 5th NPO Orleans 8.072 b., 6th NPO
Montlucon 5.084 b., 7th NPO Etampes 14.434 b., and 9th NPO Orleans 4.362 b. He also became
father of two of the current top breeders at Embregts-Theunis. First of all, of ROCKETEER,
himself 1st Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000 and father of 3rd National Orleans 19.692 b. and 4th National
Orleans 13.186 b., and grandfather of a.o. 1st National Orleans 13.186 b. and 9th National
Orleans 19.692 b., and also of SUPERIOR, father of 1st St. Quentin 1.308 b., 2nd Creil 14.608 b.,
5th St. Quentin 19.196 b., 7th NPO Orleans 7.795 b., 8th NPO Sens 14.457 b., 8th NPO Sezanne 12.647 b.
and 10th NPO Orleans 11.563 b.

After his transfer to the breeding lofts of Henk
de Weerd in Breda, DRAGON ROCKET put his genetic qualities on display once more. He
became grandfather and great-grandfather of more than 20 different 1st prize winners and
teletext pigeons, including 1st NPO Poitiers, 2nd NPO St. Quentin and 6th NPO Orleans.